Why Enterprise Technology Companies Need a B2B Marketing Agency


Many enterprise technology companies rely on design and marketing support from agencies that only have experience in the B2C or events sectors. But the vast chasm between the frameworks of B2B and B2C can negatively impact the productivity of the internal marketing team and their marketing efforts. Here are four reasons why enterprise technology companies should not rely on B2C marketing agencies and instead hire dedicated B2B agencies with a professional B2B copywriter.

1. Lack of B2B Strategy Skills

Enterprise technology marketing requires reaching and engaging key decision-makers within organizations. This requires strategic tools like buyer persona mapping, buyer segmentation, content mapping to the bu; as well as a deep understanding of the organizational decision-making process and the pain points of individual personas within the organization. Coming from a media-centric B2C framework, B2C marketers will not have those skills and will be unable to contribute to the marketing strategy development.

2. Lack of B2B Industry Knowledge

Enterprise technology industries necessitate deep technical knowledge of how the products work and how users will benefit from them. Very few B2C marketers will spend the time and effort to ingrain themselves in the technical knowledge necessary to create effective and accurate content. When they do, the internal marketing team has to consume vast amounts of time to vet the content and correct inaccuracies.

3. Lack of B2B Marketing Automation Tools

Promoting marketing content will require marketing automation tools like email marketing, intent data, data enrichment systems, and CRM integrators. These are the staples of B2B agencies that will also have the manpower, skillsets, and B2B copywriters to utilize these tools. The high capital required to invest in the tools and the skilled workforce will prove too high a barrier for B2C agencies.

4. Lack of B2B Marketing Metrics

The marketing objectives of B2C marketing largely stop at brand awareness, affinity or understanding. Enterprise technology marketing needs to go further by generating marketing qualified leads, accelerating sales pipelines, and tracking and nurturing buyers. B2C agencies will not have an understanding of these B2B marketing metrics nor have the expertise to help the internal marketing team generate the metric reports to meet their KPI requirements.

Where to Find Real B2B Marketing Expertise

Real B2B marketing expertise is hard to come by. Fortunately, it does exist in Malaysia. Tim Yang is an expert in B2B marketing, copywriting, and has vast experience in developing content marketing strategy for enterprise technology companies from cloud computing, data analytics, FinTech and SaaS. He also has access to marketing operations specialists and data analysts who specialize in B2B marketing operations. Contact Tim today to start on your B2B marketing future.