State of Email Marketing in Malaysia – The Benchmarks


Since 2017, the marketing automation platform, Getresponse, has been releasing multi-national email marketing statistics based on data it has gathered on its own platform.

They analyzed around 4 billion emails sent by their customers in 126 countries, showing how each country performed in terms of email opens, click throughs, and other metrics.

We looked at the average performance of email marketers in Malaysia and other countries and we were able to benchmark them against their performance from a few years ago.

Here are our key insights.

  • Malaysians love their email

In the last year, Malaysians have been opening their marketing emails 50% more often than they did in 2017. Their click through rate has also increased by over a third — from 2.39% to 3.21%.

  • Malaysia leads the way in Asia

Among all the Asian countries surveyed, Malaysians have the highest open (24.33%) and click through (3.21%) rates. They beat out larger monolingual countries like Indonesia and India.

  • 2X more engaging than their neighbours

Malaysians read marketing emails 2X more often than Singaporeans. Singapore has the lowest average open rate at 11.89%. During the past few years, Singaporeans have become 41% less likely to open their marketing emails.

  • Who engaged more? Germans

Malaysians are far less trusting of marketing emails than Germans. Germans are the most engaging with an astounding 40.67% open rate and an average 6.99% clickthrough rate.

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