My Work

Most of my work has been to help B2B technical businesses explain their story in their websites and brochures. I have written about every kind of technology and service, from financial to manufacturing. Here are links to some of them.


MSA Resources – A network facilities provider specialising in operating fibre optic cables and telecommunications between Singapore and Malaysia. They are the vendor of choice for highway connectivity. I developed their company profile and website text.


D2D Doctor – Healthcare accessibility for those who lack the ability to go see the doctor. D2D provides doctor house calls, home nursing, home physiotherapy or transport to medical centres around the clock. I developed their brand messaging and website text.


Enermax – A agriculture biotech firm that develops customised specialty fats from palm oil as well as feedstuff for livestock feed (poultry, pigs, sheep, goats, cattle). I developed their company profile and website text.

Oil and Gas

MyRAM OG – An oil and gas engineering and construction company specialising in power plants, renewable energy and general supplies and services for onshore and offshore facilities. I developed the text for their company profile and website.


3SI Security – A technology company that develops covert GPS devices hidden in cash, ATMs, transport bags, and common retail products to track criminals. I developed their data sheets, marketing content, and email marketing text.


eProtea Finexus – A financial technology solutions and services outsourcing company and a regulatory solutions provider. I developed their company profile and several product descriptions.


Mega Galvaniser – A hot-dip galvanising service for producing steelworks that are protected against corrosion. I developed their company profile and website text.