Lowest Copywriting Prices

My mission is to ensure that every business who needs copywriting gets the best copywriting they can. But one of the barriers to trying out this service is the price.

Here’s the good news: I am dropping the bottom out of copywriting prices. From today, you can get the best copywriting by a 20-year copywriting veteran for as low as RM1!

Get these new promotional prices now because they will end on 1 June, 2020.

Number of WordsPrice
Up to 100 words (eg digital ad or social post)RM1
101-200 words (eg product web page)RM10
201-300 words (eg company profile)RM20
301-400 words (eg blog post)RM30
401-1,000 words (eg report)RM40
1,001-3,000 (eg white paper)RM100