Hire the Best Construction Industry Copywriter for More Marketing ROI


The construction industry is expected to bounce back post-pandemic as the economy reopens. Analysts say it is set to recover in 2021 and expand by 14.6% after construction activity is renewed. While the outlook is rosy, the surviving construction companies, suppliers, and contractors now face a new problem – increased competition for every contract.

That’s why many construction companies are upgrading their brochures, websites and digital ads with well-written copywriting and content. The best way to do that is to hire a professional copywriter specialized in the construction industry.

But what can you expect from a copywriter and how do you get the most from hiring one?

In this guide, you will learn what a professional copywriter can do to give you a competitive edge and ultimately drive up the ROI of a tight marketing budget. You’ll also learn the best way to get the most out of your copywriter to ensure you get the right kind of copy for your business.

5 Ways Construction Companies Can Benefit from Good Copywriting

What can construction companies expect when you hire a professional copywriter specialized in construction industries? Here are five benefits you can gain from focusing on top-quality content.

Drive More Search Traffic

It probably comes as no surprise to many construction companies that the vast majority of their customers use the internet to research before they buy. In a poll, 63 percent of contractors and 83 percent of suppliers rely on the internet to grow their business. Construction company websites with good copywriting are rewarded with better performance in search results, driving more customers to their business.

Strengthen Trust with Customers

Trust is the bedrock of the construction industry. It accelerates contract signing, reduces the perception of project risks, and speeds up projects. Fortunately, good content is one of the biggest factors in creating consumer trust, according to Google, leading to more purchases and bigger deals.

Make Your Product Stand Out

While well-designed websites and brochures can help a construction company stand out and create a more favorable impression, B2B buyers usually rely on in-depth research before they commit to a purchase. That’s where good copywriting can play a huge role. Well-written content engages buyers, providing them with valuable pieces of information that make construction products and services more desirable.

Increase Brand Appeal with Niche Segments

Thanks to the internet, B2B buyers are spoiled for choice. Good copywriting can help to identify niche segments with specific needs and pain points and tailor content in a cost-effective way to increase your company’s brand appeal. In fact, Gartner found that when content is tailored to buyers, they are three times more likely to buy a bigger deal with less regret.

Help Buyers Find What They’re Searching For

Buyers often spend long periods in the buying cycle consuming as much as four to five pieces of content before coming to a purchase decision. A well-written company website navigate to the exact information they need and shorten the buying cycle by giving them the information they want sooner, and providing them a better experience with your brand.

8 References of Good Copywriting for the Construction Industry

A professional copywriter can emulate any style of copy you desire. So, the best way to make the most of a copywriting service is to provide a reference for the kind of copywriting you want. Here are some copywriting references that we think stand out which you can use as a resource.

1. ConstructionOne—Tight and Direct Copy

We’re big fans of the copywriting of ConstructionOne. It’s clean, tight, and clear. It’s everything you want copywriting to be when you want to project the image of a smart and strategic company.  

2. Bilt Rite Scaffold—Sharp and Witty Copy

Bilt Rite Scaffold stands a head above other scaffold rental and services companies. The copywriting takes advantage of its name to create sharp and witty copy that gives you confidence in its professionalism. We like how it wastes no time on chest-thumping and tells it to you straight.

3. DPR Construction—Visionary and High-Minded Copy

DPR Construction is one of the largest construction companies in the world and it shows through their copywriting. This is a great example of visionary and high-minded copy that big corporations should aspire to.

4. Hensel Phelps—Thoughtful and Focused Copy

The copywriting on the Hensel Phelps website is a good example of what thoughtful and focused copywriting should look like.

5. Suffolk Construction—Bold and Immersive Copywriting

With a bold tagline and bold copywriting, Suffolk Construction, builds a strong impression of a solid and sturdy company.

6. The Weitz Company—Competent and Confident Copywriting

The simple and no-nonsense copywriting of The Weitz Company is successful at creating an impression of a company that knows its stuff.

7. Contractors Inc—Warm and Sensitive Copy

Contractors Inc is a family-owned contractor business and it shows through their choice of phrasing. It’s warm and cleverly crafted to display the family’s warmth and personality while remaining crisp and professional.

8. Mortenson—Aspirational and Inspirational Copy

Mortenson is a company with big ideas and aims to be a collaborative construction partner across many industries. Its choice of words arouses the kind of trust and respect buyers would want to have in a strategic ally.

The Next Steps

There aren’t many copywriters who are well-versed in the technical aspects of the construction industry, construction supplies and equipment, and other ancillary services; and can translate them for buyers in relevant and clear terms. Fortunately, Tim Yang can. He has worked for clients who sell and rent construction equipment, scaffolding, property development, and general contractors. Contact him today for a quotation.