How to Convince Your Bosses Your Website Needs a Re-write


A poorly-written website poses real challenges to marketing your business, especially when you consider that over 70% of all B2B buying cycles start with an internet search.

Websites are also a source of information for potential recruits to your workforce. 80% of successful hires say they looked at the company website before the interview.

But how do you convince your bosses that a well-written website is a good investment? Here are six things you need to do.

1. Show them your competitors

There are few things as powerful as comparing your company website with a bunch of competitors. Show your bosses close local competitors, as well as those from overseas. Then show them the possibilities with the best written websites in your industry. That will get their FOMO up!

2. Review your website performance

Install a website tracker like Google Search Console and show them how few people are visiting the website. Things like high bounce-rates and low time-on-site will show that the content on the website is not resonating with visitors.

3. Show them the search engine rankings

Use various keywords and phrases that customers might reasonably use to find your website, then count the number of results before getting to your company’s. Anything more than 10 and you need better SEO. A good re-write will push up the website’s search engine rankings, especially when the content is optimised for search.

4. Check the last update

It will help if you can check the age of the files on the website to determine the last update. Something that hasn’t been updated in years can show that the company’s website is in a state of neglect. Show your bosses the out-dated content that need to be changed.

5. Show them what else is not working

If they think the content isn’t enough to require investment, then show them other things that need to be changed as well. Show them the poor load times, the broken links, non-mobile responsive design, missing pages, and lack of browser compatibility.

6. Call an experienced copywriter

An experienced copywriter like myself has case studies to present to show a website and company profile can be turned around with successful results for both brand prestige and search engine rankings. I have had amazing success making presentations to unconvinced bosses. Call me now and let me make a presentation to your boss.