How Timur Oleochemicals Succeeded with B2B Content


This week, we looked closely at the digital content of a Malaysian company. oleochemical company, Timur Oleochemicals for the purposes of inbound marketing. We assessed it on two things: how easily prospects can find Timur Oleochemicals on the internet and how well it communicates its brand and core competencies.

But First, What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing refers to various techniques that pull-in prospective customers to a company’s products and services via marketing channels like the company’s website. (So the ability for prospects to find the company via Google searches is critical to the success of inbound marketing.) Inbound marketing is fundamentally important in B2B selling because 89% of all B2B buyer journeys start with internet searches.

Outbound marketing, on the other hand, uses outbound channels (such as digital ads) to push-out the company’s products and services to prospects.

Inbound Marketing Results

When a prospect searches for a new supplier, they will look for the kinds of products they need. That’s where Timur Oleochemicals impressed us.

Their website took the top position for key products like “stearic acid supplier”, “soap noodle supplier” and “ester supplier”. This allows Timur to beat out far larger competitors like KLK Oleo and IOI Oleochemical for inbound lead generation. 

Strong Brand Communication

Timur also opens its communication funnel with a strong description on the home page of its website. It wastes no time in telling visitors in the first few paragraphs what it does, what its core competencies are, its key differentiations, and its credentials. 

Simple strong brand communication is essential to winning new prospects. Over 80% of all buyer journeys begin with research on the internet about potential partners and deeper research into each partner. Strong and clear brand communication that does not waste the buyer’s time and gets straight to the point makes a better impression on the buyer and ensure the buyer gets the information needed to make the job easier.

After all, they have a lot of potential companies to assess and if you make their jobs easier, they will rate you higher.

How Did They Achieve This?

In two words, good content. Timur Oleochemicals presents information in simple well-written language with keywords upfront and without jargon. 

Its products are well-written with key facts that prospective buyers need to begin the short-listing process. The navigation is easy to use and phrases allow visitors to drill down instantly to what they really need to know. 

More importantly, they hired a good B2B copywriter who looked closely at Timur’s customer journeys and tailored their content toward helping their customers.

What It Can Improve On

It needs well-written information on corporate sustainability. These days, many potential prospects need to know that their suppliers are doing their part to save the planet, or else they will not even be short-listed. That’s where giants like KLK Oleo and IOI Oleochemical beat Timur Oleochemicals outright.

How You Could Be an Inbound Marketing Leader Like Timur Oleochemicals

Start by getting a content and SEO assessment for inbound marketing. A top B2B copywriter like Tim Yang can tell you what you need to improve on, what content you need and provide a content strategy and timeline. Contact Tim today for your content assessment.