How Oracle Drove Sales for Their Enterprise Solutions


Adapted from B2B Marketing’s Case Study.

This case study from B2B Marketing caught our eye as a great demonstration of multi-channel B2B content marketing for enterprise technology solutions. And it features no less than the enterprise IT giant, Oracle.

The Challenge

Oracle is already a big name in providing enterprise solutions for retail banking. But it needed a stronger presence in the fast-growing digital banking sphere. Although strong in the traditional retail banking sector, Oracle had been facing a lack of credibility in the provision of technology services in the new, digital banking space, where business models, approach (digital‐first), culture, and therefore organisational needs, are very different.

Oracle’s challenge was that it lacked credibility in the digital banking space. It needed to position itself as an authoritative vendor of digital banking technologies and build trust around its capabilities. Its target were the digital leaders and C-suite banking executives in large global banks.

The Insight

Oracle realised that these traditional high-street bankers also had a credibility issue with today’s digital-savvy banking customers. They needed to address the disconnect between the customer’s expectations and their own more conventional capabilities.

The Marketing Solution

Oracle began their multi-channel marketing campaign by commissioning a B2B copywriter to write a highly sought-after top-of-funnel content featuring digital banking industry benchmarks. It disseminated this report to the bankers via email, paid media, as well as organic and paid social media (LinkedIn and Twitter). The report allowed bankers to compare their own digital banking landscape to the rest of the industry.

Oracle then followed up by giving each banker a personalised assessment and an instant, tailored roadmap to help them on their transformation journey. Oracle also reaped rich data on each individual banker and their organisational landscape which fed into the follow‐on sales messages across email, direct social and telemarketing. 

In addition, Oracle engaged in B2B influencer marketing by recruiting several leading influencers in the banking space. These influencers then commented on Oracle’s reports, co-­created content and shared both with their wider networks. The call-to-action directed targets to a campaign website that opened a gateway to a prospect nurture programme.

Oracle also engaged in event marketing in the form of regional workshops that brought together the campaign influencers, local FinTech communities and senior bank executives to discuss the issues highlighted by the white papers that further cemented its reputation as a thought leader. Outputs from the events in turn became campaign content (videos, blogs, infographics) and was fed back online and into subsequent communications. 

The Results

Oracle achieved successful penetration into a highly relevant new audience and generated qualified pipeline worth several tens of million dollars, while the influencer participation provided greater credibility, depth of ideas and extended reach into the banking sector.  

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