How B2B Leaders Adapted Their Content Marketing to Covid-19


The coronavirus pandemic has significantly disrupted business and marketing plans around the world, requiring B2B marketing leaders to rapidly pivot their strategies to ensure their sales pipeline stays fluid.

Attending or sponsoring trade events used to play a key role in generating leads. Since they started getting cancelled, many B2B marketing leaders switched their marketing content budgets to digital advertising, email marketing, and webinars to generate and nurture qualified leads.

In addition, we have seen six other ways B2B content marketing has changed to maintain their effectiveness.

Human Achievements

To cut through the noise, many marketers have adapted their B2B content to emphasize personal cues and successes. We have seen more case studies and sales enablement content highlight endorsements in very personal tones and tell their stories in terms of how they affected people, not just the business-related numbers. This makes a great deal of sense in this time of crisis as people want to be inspired by amazing stories and personal achievements.

Added Value

B2B buyers now, more than ever, want to be treated not as targets but as partners. The content of B2B marketing has recently reflected that with the production of content that buyers might find valuable for themselves, their careers, and their business rather than pure hard sell.

Re-focused Pain Points

We have seen more B2B content focused on the pain points of uncertainty and cost savings as businesses foresee a recession on the horizon. Using the keywords related to the coronavirus or the pandemic, the changed pain points are getting a lot more attention and downloads than content that stayed the same.

Short Term Benefits

As the affects of the coronavirus are hitting hard and fast, more B2B marketing leaders are putting the messaging of long-term benefits of their products and services on the back burner and emphasising the more immediate benefits. The short term messaging is resonating with the market as fear on the unknown is taking root.

Adapted Products for Immediacy

Many B2B businesses have gone further than adapting their messaging, they have also adapted their products and services so their customers can see some immediate benefits. Cutting prices and upfront payments to alleviate the pain of new purchases and investment is a common tactic. But we have also seen businesses create new content to promote product packages that emphasize more monthly or weekly contracts versus their normal annual contracts.

Cost Savings First

Everywhere, we see B2B businesses spotlight cost savings as the way to sell their products, where they would have normally focused on more esoteric needs. This has not been true for all industries, but many businesses are trying out this angle to accelerate their pipeline and extract more immediate wins.


Adapting your B2B marketing content quickly to take advantage of new opportunities to win more market share will take a huge investment of time and energy. You will need all the help you can get. Luckily, there is someone who is experienced and prepared to make this fast turnaround a reality.

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