How a Chemical Supplier Gained More Sales with B2B Copywriting


In an industry dominated by global chemical giants like Bayer and BASF, smaller chemical production and supply companies have to struggle harder to create their own niche. One such company in Rockford, Illinois, supplied chemicals for the pharmaceutical and agriculture industries both in the US and around the world.

Like most chemical suppliers, their sales program consisted entirely of trade shows and working their connections. But uncertainty in raw material costs forced management to push harder to gain more leads to follow-up on and to accelerate the sales funnels of ones they already had. So they turned to a B2B copywriting agency to develop inbound marketing, outbound marketing, sales support materials, and an account-based marketing strategy.

1. Inbound Marketing

Using a variety of channels such as your website, social media and paid and unpaid content on news media, inbound marketing attracts prospects to you. Inbound has become hugely important because over 89% of B2B buyers now use the internet to do research before making purchase decisions.

Using data analysis of website behaviour, the B2B copywriting team created search-engine optimised content (SEO) to drive traffic to the chemical supplier’s product webpages. also developed marketing white papers and blog articles to promote the company’s strength as an industry thought-leader which would work in its favour during the assessment phase of the purchase funnel.

2. Outbound Marketing

To promote the chemical supplier, the B2B copywriting team began email automation and digital advertising campaigns targeting prospects in key industries and regions, prioritising prospects that most resembled the existing customer base.

The team also cleaned up and enriched the prospect database the supplier’s sales team had gathered over the years from trade shows and added them to the prospect list.

3. Sales Support Materials

B2B marketing works best when it is synergised with sales goals. So the copywriting and design team met with the sales team and asked them what they needed to close sales. What they gained was valuable insights on how prospects think and how marketing can help.

The team developed a new set of printed sales kits and product videos with stronger brand and product descriptions. Some sales kits were personalised to critical pain points that prospects faced so that business benefits could be explained to match their perspective with tailored offerings.

4. Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

ABM is an innovative way of looking at how marketing can be conducted on a one-to-one basis, targeting individuals in the most lucrative prospects. The idea is that the vast amount of effort and investment directed to each prospect will pay off when the large-sized accounts complete the sale.

The B2B copywriting team worked with the sales team to create a target list of key accounts with dossiers on individual decision-makers and influencers inside the prospect company. They studied their work history, social media pages and industry engagements to develop personal insights into each of them.

Hyper-customised emails, digital ads, direct mailers and landing pages were then developed for each individual to drive them to the designated account manager on the sales team.

The Results

In the first year, the sales team clocked over 300% more enquiries than the previous year from organic inbound leads. More than 100 marketing-qualified leads (MQL) were generated from email automation and digital advertising in the first year.

ABM campaigns were able to accelerate eighteen existing prospects through the sales funnel. Three new customer accounts worth over $3 million in total were signed with several more in the sales pipeline.

How You Too Can Gain More Sales with B2B Copywriting

Start by hiring an expert B2B copywriter who knows your industry and your business. Tim Yang is the expert you need to talk to. He has worked B2B businesses around the world to create inbound, outbound, sales support material and ABM campaigns. Contact Tim today to hear how you can gain more sales.