Get The Most Marketing ROI From a Dietary Supplement Copywriter


Selling and distributing dietary supplements is big business and getting bigger during the pandemic. Ecommerce platforms have lowered the bar to entry, allowing many entrepreneurs to penetrate the market with little capital and expertise. But the industry before Covid-19 was already skyrocketing, growing by 50% in the last few years, reaching $730m by 2019.

As competition increases, dietary supplement sellers and resellers are urgently seeking answers: “How can I get more market share? How do I make my products stand out?”

Many are finding that investing in a familiar but reliable strategy—the employment of well-crafted marketing content – is paying off with more customers and more conversions.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to make your marketing more effective with good copywriting. We’ll illustrate them with examples from some leaders in the dietary supplement industry and highlight what you can learn from them.

6 Ways Dietary Supplement Marketing Can Benefit from Good Copywriting

What can dietary supplement businesses expect by investing in good copywriting? Here are six benefits you can gain from focusing on well-written content.

Reduce Risk to Customers

Descriptions of dietary supplements are by their very nature technical and complex. This increases the risk of miscommunication and the potential for customer dissatisfaction or adverse effects. An experienced copywriter well-versed in the terminology of dietary supplements can effectively educate customers with accurate descriptions that prevent miscommunications.

Strengthen Trust in Your Products

The dietary supplement industry is highly competitive and rife with products that make inaccurate claims. However, good copywriting written by a copywriter who is experienced in dietary supplements can build trust and make your products more credible than others by helping to differentiate products and highlight their value with credible and authoritative phrasing. This makes good products stand out, leading to more purchases and bigger purchases.

Increase Brand Credibility

In dietary supplements marketing, brand credibility is extremely important. Once it is achieved, consumers increase their purchases and can become lifetime customers and long-time advocates. Good copywriting written with clear and accurate claims and relevant content will, over time, build that credibility to keep customers coming back for more.

Improve Product Differentiation

One of the fundamental problems of the dietary supplement industry is the lack of standards and enforcement in advertising. This has led to many supplement sellers making inaccurate claims about their products. Good copywriting by a dietary supplement copywriter well-versed in the nuances of the industry can be indispensable in accentuating the benefits of your product, separating it from competitors, and reducing customer confusion.

Drive More Search Traffic

A few giant eCommerce sites dominate online search results in the dietary supplement industry. But it might not always be that way because there is constant churn in the search results. Google rewards websites with high quality and relevant content, allowing newcomers who devote more attention to good copywriting to gradually improve their position in search results pages. This drives more organic search and more shoppers clicking through to your website.

Help Customers Find What They’re Searching For

Dietary supplement customers often spend a great deal of time and effort researching, visiting dozens of websites looking for the exact thing they want. A well-written dietary supplement website is also well-structured and includes the right search terms. These will help customers navigate easily, give them the information they want sooner, and provide them a better experience with your brand.

4 Hallmarks of Good Copywriting for Dietary Supplements (with Examples)

Few dietary supplement websites spend any thought on their copywriting and content. Most rely on photography and plain nutritional data to do their selling. Here are some examples of good copywriting that we think stood out.

1. Vital Proteins—Copy That’s Designed for Search

Vital Proteins products don’t just stand out because of their celebrity endorsements. They’ve got great copywriting that brings out the essential details that consumers want and is structured with all the search terms consumers use. Upfront, the headline differentiates the product and the description provides additional information in multiple layers of complexity for consumers who want to drill down for more details.

2. Physician’s Choice—Highly Educational Copy

Physician’s Choice is not just a great name for a dietary supplement company, it’s also got great copywriting. Each product starts with a highlights section for consumers who just want the top details, allowing them to explore further with well-crafted content below. Overall, Physician’s Choice creates a wonderful shopping experience for both the more knowledgeable and the less experienced customers.

3. Nature’s Bounty—Highly Educational Demand Generation Content

Nature’s Bounty differentiates itself from its competitors with years of building its library of educational content. This sets its brand ahead of other dietary supplement sellers not just in terms of credibility and authority, but also in Google search engine results. It comes up in the top results for several product categories.

4. Nordic Naturals—Trustworthy Science-Based Copy

Nordic Naturals puts a premium on consumer trust and it comes out clearly in their copywriting. Everything from their product descriptions to the customer newsletter communicates their expertise in health and dietary supplements. No wonder it’s one of the highest-rated dietary supplement makers in the world with a customer base that keeps returning for more.

A Better Idea

Getting good copywriting for your dietary supplement brand isn’t easy. You will need an expert copywriter with deep experience in the dietary supplement industry and such copywriters are hard to find.

Fortunately for brands like Guardian, Nutrilite, and Vitahealth, they did find one. I have worked for dietary supplement retailers and wholesalers both in a local and global scale. Find out more what I can do for you.