Best Digital Agencies in Malaysia for B2B Marketing


Many digital marketing agencies in Malaysia market themselves to B2B businesses. However, they end up offering the exact same services they do to their B2C clients.

Very few of them have developed specific skills or best practices to target B2B personas or buying cycles. Generating thought leadership content or data-driven marketing automation workflows for B2B lead qualification and nurturing is simply not in their capabilities.

Here is a list of digital marketing agencies that I have personally vetted. They have the in-depth skills, knowledge, and practices that B2B marketing requires. (Caveat: I already work with several of the ones on this list.)

If you would like to be added to this list, please do let me know.

AXP (Ara Damansara)

AXP is a pioneer in B2B marketing in Malaysia. It provides its top-of-the-line proprietary AXP suite of AI-driven marketing intelligence tools to customers. It also helps customers build highly-sophisticated marketing campaigns with BDR sales outreach and the Sharpspring marketing automation platform.

Lava Protocols (Kelana Jaya)

You can’t go wrong when run a B2B marketing operation with Salesforce and Pardot platform. That’s exactly what you get with Lava Protocols. LP is a specialist at running robust data-driven B2B marketing with the powerful Salesforce suite of tools for enterprise-level businesses.

Silver Mouse (Petaling Jaya)

When it comes to B2B content marketing services for technical industries like manufacturing, engineering, finance, your best bet is Silver Mouse. They provide a full suite of B2B marketing and strategic planning services for very cost-effective packages. Their blog, much of which is written by Silver Mouse founder CK Wong, contains highly insightful B2B articles.

Surfloft (Kelana Jaya)

If you are looking for B2B design services that can make machine spare parts or engineering services look sexy, then Surfloft is what you need. They have a wide-ranging body of work for B2B companies. They also have the skills to help you plan your B2B marketing strategy for the highly personalized organizational decision-making process.

CloudRock (Subang Jaya)

CloudRock has deep B2B marketing expertise. It comes from several successes in integrated lead generation campaigns they’ve had through a combination of thought leadership content marketing, digital advertising, SEO, and other tools. Check out the detailed description of a B2B Adwords campaign written by CloudRock principal, Fairuze.

WebLite (Kelana Jaya)

WebLite is an enterprise marketing automation and CRM developer that has expanded into the marketing services sphere. Call on them if you seek an all-in-one digital marketing operation with a custom sales CRM platform.

Wave Evolution (Damansara Intan)

Wave Evolution is a database mining specialist that also provides database scraping services. (You may have to “close one eye” if you are concerned about data privacy.) It can offer sophisticated targeted email campaigns for B2B marketing.

CallBox (Melawati)

Callbox is a multi-national multi-touch multi-channel marketing agency that specializes in generating B2B leads. It has a systematic process to qualify leads that includes tools such as email marketing automation and outbound BDR conversations. It’s as much a B2B sales generation agency as it is a B2B marketing agency.

JustSimple (Ara Damansara)

JustSimple is originally a B2C marketing agency that has gained a great deal of experience in B2B lead acquisition, content marketing, and sales nurturing. It has run marketing automation campaigns for a wide range of technical industries like technology, commercial properties, and industrial equipment.

2X Marketing (TTDI)

2X Marketing is a full-service MaaS (Marketing as a Service) company. It sells content marketing services and Account-Based Marketing services exclusively to B2B companies. Their knowledge and skillsets in the B2B sphere are unmatched by any other digital marketing agency in Malaysia. But chances are they won’t layan you because their business model caters only to clients in the USA.