Before You Setup Your Next B2B Trade Show Booth, Read This


Trade shows offer great opportunities to create awareness for brand exposure and product exposure. But most B2B businesses that exhibit at trade shows do not do enough to set themselves up for success and leverage their booth for maximum results.

The most successful trade show exhibitors market themselves ahead of time with multiple channels and follow-up with post-trade show marketing. They will utilize marketing automation to help their sales team set up meetings during the trade show with businesses in the vicinity. Here are the steps to get started.

1. Create A Contact Database

Start by mining your leads that your sales team have built up over the years. Look for businesses in the same city as the trade show. Work with a B2B copywriter to segment them by the ones that look most similar to your existing customers. Those will likely be the ones who will most likely buy your product.

That should not be all you do. Start building a list of potential customers in the same city by using Google, Linkedin, Owler or association databases. Create a tier of prospects, prioritising the ones who will most likely buy.

After that, build a contact database of people in each prospect company whom you will need to reach out to. It won’t just be the CEO, the GM, and the CFO. It should also include the head of departments whom your team will work closely with and need their buy-in to achieve a successful sale.

2. Contact the Prospects to Set Up a Meeting

You can email them and just say, “Hey, we’ll be in town at the trade show. If you have an opening, we’d love to show you what we can do for your company and for you!”

But of course that’s not enough to get someone who drive all the way to the trade show. So you need to offer incentives, real incentives, not just a bag of goodies. Try offering discounts on your product or value-added incentives including extra services or free delivery for a month. You can even offer to host them for a dinner or breakfast meeting at a great restaurant.

Whatever you offer them, make sure this meeting should not just be any kind of show-and-tell. You should be prove to the prospect that you will be a good partner just for them and help them visualise business and personal success with you.

3. Keep Following Up to Confirm the Meeting

Don’t worry if your prospects do not bite immediately. Many will wait till the last minute before confirming a meeting. The most important thing is to keep following up and add more incentives if you can.

If nothing else works, you can go beyond emails with direct mail packages with gifts to flatter the prospect. Gifts often obligate someone to respond. Do whatever it takes to confirm that meeting.

You can even use social media ads to hyper target prospects. Yes, digital ads these days can be used to target individuals or anyone working at the prospect company.

Hire Experienced an B2B Marketer to Help You

It’s no easy task to create marketing plans around trade shows, especially when you’re doing it for the first time. Luckily for you, Tim Yang is very experienced at planning and executing marketing programs for trade show exhibitors by helping you build a prospect list, create multi-touch email automation, digital ads, trade show support materials and proactive B2B copywriting content. Contact Tim today and let’s start planning your trade show success story.