B2B Marketing Workshops

B2B marketing is constantly evolving and growing. Executives directly responsible for the marketing of products and services to businesses will need to up-skill with my extensive knowledge of B2B marketing best practices to ensure their businesses remain competitive.

My workshops will boost your B2B marketing expertise and give you invaluable insights on strategies, tools, metrics, channels and more. By the end of every every workshop, you will gain the confidence you need to work closer with your colleagues in sales and deliver measurable results as a B2B marketer.

Workshops will be held on your premises. Minimum of 4 participants. Maximum of 8.

B2B Marketing Essentials (1-Day) – RM3,000 per session

During this workshop you will learn about:

  • The B2B marketing landscape: Inbound marketing, outbound marketing, account-based marketing and their importance in the marketing mix
  • Roles in the B2B marketing team and how to hire for those roles
  • Actionable objectives, metrics and how to measure marketing activities for digital, direct response, outdoor and offline advertising
  • How to align marketing to the business and sales strategy
  • How to work with the sales team and how to get their buy-in

Email Automation and Content Marketing Essentials (2-Days) – RM6,000 per session

During this workshop you will learn about:

  • How to determine objectives and measure a campaign
  • B2B buyer journeys and their importance to strategy planning
  • Tools and platforms for email automation and content marketing
  • How to drive engagement with email automation and content marketing
  • B2B buyer personas and how to construct one
  • B2B content strategy for lead generation and sales nurturing
  • How to map content to the buyer journey
  • How to optimise an email campaign and content

Essentials of Account-Based Marketing (1-Day) – RM4,000 per session

During this workshop you will learn about:

  • Purpose and objectives for ABM
  • Tools and platforms for ABM
  • Sourcing and segmenting accounts
  • Building and enriching dossiers
  • Buyer roles and building a persona
  • Channels and touches for reaching accounts
  • KPIs and metrics of campaigns
  • Case study reviews

Contact Tim now and register your interest in learning more about B2B marketing.