Hire the Best Travel Industry Copywriter for More Marketing ROI


For travel agencies, attractions, travel e-commerce sites, hospitality and transportation businesses, the end of the pandemic can’t come soon enough. As vaccines roll out around the world and travel restrictions lift, everyone is looking forward to the global travel industry rebounding in 2021.

However, the return of travelers will be slow for the foreseeable future, with one estimate projecting it at 55% below levels recorded two years ago. This reduced pool of travelers is resulting in severe competition within an industry already desperate for tourism dollars.

What can travel companies do to entice reluctant travelers and give themselves a competitive edge? Many have found it pays to turn to a familiar but reliable strategy – the employment of well-crafted marketing content.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to make your marketing more effective with good copywriting. We’ll illustrate them with examples from some leaders in the travel industry and highlight what you can learn from them.

5 Ways Travel Marketing Can Benefit from Good Copywriting

What can travel companies expect from investing in good copywriting? Here are four benefits you can gain from focusing on well-written content.

Drive More Search Traffic

While a few players dominate online search results in the travel industry, there is constant churn in the search results. That’s because Google rewards websites with high quality and relevant content. Travel websites that devote more attention to copywriting have found themselves with better search result positions and more travellers clicking on their websites.

Strengthen Trust with Travellers

Even as the pandemic recedes, safety fears are causing more travellers to hesitate when booking trips. However, consumer research has revealed a silver lining. 70% of consumers say that trust in a brand is essential in their buying decisions. Google has found that good content is one of the biggest factors in creating consumer trust, leading to more purchases and bigger purchases.

Make Your Product Stand Out

Beautiful images and videos of destinations are critical to trigger travelers to think about a trip. But travelers usually rely on in-depth research before they commit to a purchase. That’s where good copywriting can play a huge role. Well-written content engages travelers, providing them with valuable pieces of information that make travel products more desirable.

Increase Brand Appeal with Niche Segments

Thanks to the internet, travelers are spoiled for choice, fragmenting the market into niche segments that desire unique experiences. Good copywriting helps identify those segments and tailors content in a cost-effective way to increase your brand appeal. In fact, 36% of travelers say they would pay more when a brand customizes its information to them.

Help Travellers Find What They’re Searching For

Travelers often spend weeks and months visiting dozens of websites looking for the exact thing they want. A well-written travel website is also well-structured and helps travelers navigate easily, giving them the information they want sooner, and providing them a better experience with your brand. At the same time, making your website worth sharing with their fellow travelers.

8 Hallmarks of Good Copywriting for the Travel Industry (with Examples)

Not many hospitality and travel agency websites spend a great deal of thought on their copywriting and content. Most rely on photography to do their selling. Here are some that we think stood out.

1. Audley Travel—Thoughtful and Focused

Screenshot of audleytravel.com

Audley Travel is a British travel agency that specializes in curated itineraries. From their thoughtful and reassuring Covid-19 policy to their uncluttered travel guides, they keep things simple and allow travelers to explore their website efficiently. While many travel sites spend a lot of time selling destinations with broad generalizations, Audley appreciatively focuses on one aspect of each destination and uses copywriting to bring it to life.

2. Black Tomato—Stylish and Witty

Screenshot of blacktomato.com

Black Tomato is a luxury travel specialist based in London. From the homepage, the copy is unafraid to engage travelers with its unique brand of wit. It talks about ‘Revenge Travel’, eschewing the commonplace promises of travel experiences. The tightly written text connected to our sensibilities yearning to be free and made us dive further into the website.

3. Arctic Wild—Insightful and Engaging

Screenshot of arcticwild.com

Arctic Wild is an agent for professionally guided Alaska adventure tours. Right from the start, their copy grabs at their niche travelers. Instead of promising the usual superlative-laden experiences, they go for the simple guarantee of “solitude and solace”, displaying their intimate knowledge of their niche and instantly building their trust.

4. Much Better Adventures—Bold and Immersive

Screenshot of muchbetteradventures.com

Much Better Adventures immerses travellers in its concept of holidays by dressing its website with copywriting and content full of adventure stories. Travel websites that do this well immediately stand out from the generic travel agencies that crowd the entire industry. It’s certainly bold copywriting for a company that promises to “go places others won’t”.

5. Context Travel—Memorable and Sharp

Screenshot of contexttravel.com

We love the slogan for Context Travel! It’s sharply written and memorable. The rest of the website follows through with copywriting that expands on the theme of learning holidays and guided walking tours. If we have one criticism, we wish they spent more time telling us about their guides and how they are chosen for their expertise. But they have good copywriting nonetheless!

6. Wild Renfrew—Friendly and Welcoming

Screenshot of wildrenfrew.com

Wild Renfew, the tourism promotion website of Port Renfrew, B.C., is a joy to read. Each sentence and paragraph takes its time to invite you into the local culture and the experience of exploring the wilderness. It’s simple and crisp copywriting style is perfect for hospitality websites to model themselves after.

7. Pioneertown Motel—Personalized and Inviting

Screenshot of pioneertown-motel.com

We love the personalized homely feel of the copywriting for Pioneertown Motel. You can sense the warmth of the proprietors, Mike and Matt, through the writing; which is how you might expect a boutique hotel in the plains of California to come across. If you want your copywriting to have a cozy and inviting sensibility, you wouldn’t go wrong with something like the Pioneertown Motel.

8. Z Collection—Distinct and Fearless

Screenshot of zcollectionhotels.com

The Z Collection of Hotels isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But for copywriting, it is nothing short of spectacular. Employing a lexicon of youthful rebelliousness, we’re not entirely sure who it is appealing to, but it is a great study in niche copywriting.

A Better Idea

To get good copywriting for your travel brand isn’t easy. You will need an expert copywriter with deep experience in the travel and hospitality industry and such copywriters are not easy to find.

Fortunately for brands like Shangri-la Hotel and Malaysia Airlines, they found one. I have worked for travel industry brands both on the local and global scale. Find out more about what I can do for you.