6 Benefits of Content Marketing for B2B Technology Companies


The buyer decision-making process for B2B technology markets is long and complex, requiring the input of several people in the buyer’s organization. Each of them will have different pain points, knowledge levels, and agendas. How can marketing cater to all those needs and drive the sales pipeline? That’s what great B2B content can help with.

With a robust market segmentation strategy and a buyer persona plan, content marketing can build trust, relationships and clearly demonstrate how the buyer’s organization and the individual will benefit from the purchase. Here’s how content marketing can work for the B2B technology industry:

1. Drive Inbound Traffic

According to Google, 89% of all B2B buying processes starts with Internet searches. Well-written search-engine optimized content that targets keywords is critical to drawing traffic to your website to build awareness of your products. The higher you are on the search engine results pages, the more likely prospects will explore your offerings.

2. Generate Demand

Emails that target pain points of recipients can create openings for sales teams to follow-up on. A well-written email by a B2B copywriter will use best practices and techniques that can incite opens and clickthroughs and turn email recipients into MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads).

3. Develop Trust

Trust is a critical step in the buying cycle because of the high cost of a B2B purchase. To build trust, technology companies need to educate their prospects, provide valuable information to ease the buying process and to help them understand that their challenges and pain points can be answered. This can be done through targeted and well-written thought-leadership blog and white paper content.

4. Strengthen Relationships

To foster stronger relationships with prospects, content can be personalized to individual companies as well as to individuals within those companies. This often occurs in account-based marketing (ABM) and is a worthwhile pursuit for highly-lucrative prospects who need tailored services. Content can come in the form of personalized emails, blogs/webpages, brochures, and even demonstration videos.

5. Educate Prospects

Not all buyers will have the technical knowledge to appreciate a technology company’s offering. Sometimes, a company will need to educate a CFO or a CEO in simple terms to ensure that they understand how the product can benefit them. Well-written content by a B2B copywriter can communicate to prospects in relevant and meaningful terms that demonstrate clear benefits.

6. Build Authority

In the B2B technology industry, it’s not enough that you show your expertise in solving problems. You will need to differentiate yourself from the rest of the field. One of the best ways to do that is to build authority with large quantities of content that demonstrate strong knowledge in the sector that can position you as an industry expert. This will go a long way to building trust in your products.

How do you get great B2B content to drive your sales pipeline?

Start with an experienced B2B copywriter. There is one in Malaysia and he has the experience and the technical knowledge necessary to write highly-targeted white paper content and lead-generating emails for the enteprise technology industry.

My name is Tim Yang. I have written for everything from cloud computing and data analytics to SaaS and fintech. Contact me and tell about your marketing challenge and I will help you plan your sales future.