5 Ways B2B Marketing Helps You Beat Your Competition


The tried-and-true ways of sales pipeline generation — having a strong and aggressive sales team, a large broker or reseller network and a presence at every prominent trade show — is just not cutting it any more because every competitor is doing the same. When you’re vying for international customers, the competition gets even more fierce.

That’s why more enterprise technology companies are turning to B2B content marketing and B2B copywriters to create competitive differentiation and give them an edge in a crowded marketplace. Here’s how.

1. Generate more leads

According to Google, 89% of B2B buyers in the US and around the world rely on digital content and Internet searches to make their purchasing decisions. So businesses need to focus more than ever on their inbound marketing strategy to ensure that prospects are able to find their website and extract critical decision-making information from it.

An expert B2B marketer or B2B copywriter with SEO analysis can optimize a website with keywords to direct buyers to the website from Google search results. Thus, improving website visit rates and lead generation.

2. Communicate key differentiations clearly

B2B products and services are often technical and complex. So is the buying decision-making process. However, in a B2B buying committee, not everyone is a subject matter expert. So enterprise technology companies need to communicate their competitive differentiations clearly and simply enough for everyone to grasp and come to the right decision.

Good content written by an expert B2B copywriter will help break down complex topics in meaningful ways that decision-makers can instantly understand and visualise how they can benefit, thereby creating more demand.

3. Amplify sales team efforts

Once you have a great brand story and well-written marketing materials, you should not stop there. Marketing and sales can both come together with personalised sales-driven materials to land high-value customers with account-based marketing (ABM) techniques.

B2B marketers and copywriters with ABM experience can help to create personalised lead-nurturing emails on behalf of individual sales personnel, direct mailers, direct response ads, and personalised sales presentations and videos. Anything that can enable the sales team to perform better and close sales.

Want to learn more about how ABM strategy can help accelerate your B2B sales cycle? Contact an expert B2B marketer now.

4. Drive up recruitment

Finding qualified staff is crucial for business competitiveness, but it is certainly not easy. There is, however, a way to make it more painless.

Top recruiters report that over 80% of successful candidates researched the websites of potential employers. So a well-written website is critical to make an employer more attractive. An expert B2B content marketer or B2B copywriter can tell a great corporate brand story and create a better first impression for potential recruits, magnifying recruitment efforts.

5. Improve relationships with industry partners, peers and associations

Business relationships are critical to the success of any B2B business. So an important target of business communication are industry partners, peers and associations.

B2B marketers are therefore necessary to drive corporate communication exercises. This can be achieved through well-written press releases, corporate profiles and business profiles of key members of the company that cement the position of the business as an industry leader.

Where can you find a expert B2B specialist in Malaysia?

A good B2B marketer and copywriter needs to be experienced in technical language. But more importantly, be able to contribute to B2B marketing planning and be knowledgeable in advanced B2B marketing techniques. Fortunately, there is one such expert in Malaysia.

My name is Tim Yang and I will give you the roadmap to new leads and faster sales cycles. I have done copywriting work for B2B companies for over 15 years, developing websites and B2B marketing campaigns for every industry from agriculture, manufacturing, fintech, SaaS, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Contact me now and let me help you with all your B2B marketing planning and execution.