5 Things You Need to Write an Impressive Company Profile


Every business wants a great company profile that can make readers go “WOW!”. But it’s not easy getting one.

What many businesses end up with is a standard lackluster profile. Does that sound familiar?

Now I’m going to show you how you can avoid that.

I’ve reviewed and written hundreds of company profiles over the years. And I have come up with a list of five things you need to get started on the journey to an impressive company profile.

1. Clear Objective and Target Audience

A great company profile presents information that’s relevant to readers and meets their needs. Therefore, knowing the objective of the profile and its target audience is the all-important first step to impressing them.

It also determines which type of company profile you should produce. There are four types, each with its own objectives and target audiences.

  • Company Profile for Sales – This is the most common type of company profile. It highlights the company’s core competencies, its key differentiation, its key products or services, and its strength in the competitive landscape. This profile targets potential customers and is usually found on sales decks and ‘About Us’ pages on business websites. Short versions are used on social media profiles.
  • Company Profile for Recruitment – This is written to make a potential recruit eager to join your company. It highlights the company’s vision, key employee policies, employee benefits, and a pitch to potential recruits. This profile targets potential new employees and is usually found on recruitment platforms.
  • Company Profile for Investors – This shows off the strength of the company’s fundamentals and its performance. It highlights various metrics and information that potential investors are interested in such as the go-to-market strategy and the management team. This profile is found on investor pitch decks and annual reports.
  • Company Profile for Public Relations – A PR profile presents the softer and more socially-responsible side of the company. It highlights the company’s core social focus, its social vision, and its key social programs. Often found on social event souvenirs and press releases.

2. A Winning Go-to-Market Strategy

The best company profiles have a winning go-to-market strategy that definitively states who their key target customers are, how they create value for them, and how they achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

Surprisingly, many company profiles don’t state their strategy in such clear terms.

So when you do include one in your company profile, it will make your business stand out.

3. Big Scale of Operations

In business, size matters. Bigger businesses attract better prospects. Many people would rather be dealing with big and successful businesses. There are generally two ways you can use to communicate bigness in your company profile.

You can find data points that suggest bigness: Years in operation, size of operations, number of outlets, a global or regional presence, or having customers around the world.

The second way is to re-frame your business. A clever way to do this is to find a business niche you can stake your claim to.

When done judiciously and in measured terms, communicating a big scale of operations is easy and pays off.

4. Strong Social Proofs

Social proofs are anything that shows that other customers like your company or the products and services you provide. They are important to reassure people that choosing your company is the correct choice. As human beings, we tend to rely on social proofs because we assume that the choices of others are correct and we end up copying them.

Examples of social proofs used in company profiles include:

  • Key projects your business is involved in
  • Business partners who work with your company
  • Number of products that have been sold
  • Number of customers your company has served
  • Amount of usage your products have received
  • Awards or other kinds of recognition your company has received
  • Quotes and endorsements from previous or current customers
  • Your company’s NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Positive reviews from a review platform
  • Usage by a celebrity or social influencer

For an impressive company profile, include at least 3-5 social proofs.

5. Inspiring Company Purpose

Whether you are creating a company profile for sales, recruitment, investors, or public stakeholders, having an inspiring company purpose makes your business stand a head above the rest.

A company’s purpose is the reason the company exists beyond making money. It should include a description of how it will accomplish its goal.

To encourage women to have a positive relationship with beauty.” Dove achieves this by actively improving the confidence of women around the world and inspiring them to stand up against negative judgments.

Doves’s Company Purpose

A profile with a company purpose statement connects with customers emotionally, making your products and services more desirable.

It gives employees a greater meaning and significance to their work, which can lead to improved job satisfaction and productivity. 

It gives investors confidence that the company’s leaders have a clear vision, making the company more profitable in the long term.

For the larger public, it roots the company as an invaluable and uplifting member of society.

Pro-Tip: Keep Refreshing It

Companies grow and change, just like the people who work in them. So, the best company profiles need to be regularly audited and refreshed.

Updating company profiles keep them relevant to their target audiences, ensure they still fit a constantly-changing marketplace, and affirm that they still match the company’s current goals and character.

Creating an impressive company profile isn’t easy, to be honest. That’s why you should consider getting the advice of someone who has written hundreds of company profiles for successful Malaysian companies. If you’re keen, let me help you. Call me for a consultation today.