5 Signs You Need to Outsource Your B2B Marketing


From production to sales, many B2B businesses get into the mindset of doing everything themselves. They rely heavily on their sales teams, resellers, and brokers to bring in the revenue while investing little in marketing.

However, marketing is such a complex function of any B2B business that it simply cannot be conducted without collaboration with experts such as a B2B copywriter. Or else it will come at the expense of lost opportunities for new business.

You may not be convinced by this argument, but perhaps you may recognize these signs that you need to outsource your B2B marketing function.

1. You don’t have a real marketing plan

If you can’t see what your marketing is meant to achieve or if it doesn’t have a timeline attached, that’s the first sign you need to bring in some help. Outside B2B marketers can spend the time and have the expertise to assist you in creating an actionable plan with measurable outcomes.

2. You’re losing focus on your own work

If marketing becomes a distraction and you’re spending far too much time and effort executing what should be simple marketing tasks instead of doing what really matters for your business, then you need to free yourself up by calling in the reinforcements.

3. The quality of your marketing is not what you expected

If your marketing efforts do not look anywhere as good as your competitors or produce the outcomes you expect, you need some expert help. B2B marketers will have access to the technology and the B2B copywriting knowledge to make the most of creative work to ensure your marketing outcomes meets and exceeds the standard.

4. You don’t know what’s working and what’s not

Marketing costs time and money and you don’t know how to spend either to maximise your ROI. You need marketing insights and metrics to figure this out. An outside B2B marketer with enough experience in your field can help you separate good marketing from bad.

5. Your staff productivity is down

If your team does not have the expertise to manage and execute marketing functions, they will end up spending too much time on it and become overworked (which also negatively impacts their work morale). Save your team and give the work to B2B marketers and a B2B copywriter who will have best practices to make things go faster and more efficiently.

But isn’t outsourcing going to be expensive?

Consider the primary advantage of outsourcing: you don’t have to invest in the infrastructure, the technology and the recruitment-time needed to hire an in-house marketing team. Furthermore, an outsourced marketing team gives you instant access to marketing expertise you might not get if you hired your own.

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