4 Ways B2B Businesses Sabotage Their Own Marketing Communication


Every day, I come across several examples of how B2B businesses sabotage their own marketing communication. These are not isolated to any one industry, but are mistakes that most businesses make. Let me explain.

1. Mixing up corporate communication with business communication

Too many businesses put their history, vision and mission prominently on their homepage. Or have huge banners with pretty pictures and not much else. This does not drive sales or set a good impression for website visitors who don’t want to read about things that don’t concern them. What they really want is to find out more about your products and services — things that actually matter to their business.

2. Disorganised website visitor experience

I often see websites that don’t even talk about their core competencies or their products or services upfront. Instead, they hide those crucial details in subpages that visitors have to hunt down. One website I saw actually used their homepage as one huge navigational menu, displaying icons to other pages as the only content on their homepage.

3. Cramming too much information on one page

Many businesses often don’t know what to say about themselves so they end up trying to say everything. This is ineffective as a way to communicate. Website visitors will come away with the feeling your business is wholly unprofessional or doesn’t care to make the effort to set a good impression.

4. Not proof-reading marketing copy

It still happens to this day. Businesses don’t hire professionals to write their marketing copy or proof read it before the website goes live. One website had such badly-mangled phrasing and so many grammatical errors, I had to stop reading after the second paragraph. A professional copywriter like myself would have offered to work with the web designer to ensure the copy was laid out correctly.

The solution: Hire a professional copywriter to get your marketing communications right

A professional B2B copywriter like myself will examine what you need to say and keep your communication clean and well-organised so that your business sets the right impression from the start instead of creating confusion. I did this for the website of Enermax Specialty Fats and Feedstuff.


On the homepage, I wrote professionally-tight copy that covered only the essential information. The phrasing was simpIe to understand. It explained exactly what Enermax does, what their key products are and why so many livestock businesses choose them. I also proof-read the copy before the website went live to ensure everything was perfect.

So don’t sabotage your own marketing communication. Hire a professional who knows what he is doing and gets the job done right!