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Roman cognomen meanings - This cognomen formed from old with theius ending replaced anianus . CCXCV . Claudia ClaudiusFlavia Flavius

1291 12226 725

This name was borne by Roman plebeian tribune from the century BC ELPHASIUM Ancient TheatreMeaning unknown. It denoted one who lived near cross symbol or crossroads LA CRUZ SpanishSpanish cognate of DELACROIX FONTAINE FrenchFrench FUENTE SpanishMeans the fountain . Sources Peck Harry Thurston . New York Harper and Brothers | Cognomen - Wikipedia

OVIUS m Ancient Roman Rare PACCIUS RomanPAULINOS Hellenized form of Paulinus see ULLUS RomanPERTINAX History from Latin persistent stubborn. These are formed by changingus toa Julius Julia Aurelius Aurelia Cognomina women started appearing first century BC and became common AD. Scipio subsequently served as military tribune in essence general. Also compare the names Silvanus and Silouanos which show that letterv was usually hellenized toou by ancient f Roman form of Valeriana. It was the first name element in three part Tria Nomina naming convention used by citizens of Rome. In everyday use people are referred to by either combination of praenomen and or even more usually just their cognomen

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List of Roman cognomina - WikipediaISBN Paperback pages Contributed by AgricolaBuy from Amazon Canada UK USA Retrieved http nr Cognomen Category Ancient RomeMaster Index English Views Discussion source History Personal tools Log Navigation Main Community portal Current events Recent changes Random Help Search Toolbox What links here Related Special Printable version Permanent linkCite this article was last modified January . AntiochusAntius BrocchusBuccio CaecinaChilo CosmusDiodotus DiogesDiotimus GlyconHerclides HicesiusMarcus NiciaNicoteles OrthrusPaetas PlocamusPyramus PythionQuartus ScipioSophrus VassusVassus Vespillo NAME ALREADY USE within Legion XXIV is indicated by after the names listed below but may used again if desired however would best each legionary had unique title. This was the surname of author Samuel Clemens also known Mark Twain EMENSEN DanishMeans son MENT FrenchDerived from given EMENT EnglishDerived CLEMENT ERY IrishVariant CLEARY ELHO PortugueseFrom word for rabbit either nickname occupational referring to hunter seller rabbits ELLO cognate COELHO EMAN DutchVariant KOOPMAN EMANS IRO ItalianFrom cuoio meaning leather ultimately Latin corium. OVIDIA f Ancient Roman Spanish Rare Romanian Norwegian form of Ovidius

Later the Brythonic element ker fort was appended to name of city RLYLE EnglishVariant CARLISLE RMAN carter from Middle carre Latin origin and Spanish ItalianFrom caro meaning beloved RON FrenchVariant EnglishFrom occupation derived carpentier ultimately carpentarius carriage maker RSTENSEN DanishMeans son CARSTEN SAL SpanishFrom word casal house casalis SALE ItalianItalian cognate SALES SpanishVariant STELL CatalanCatalan CASTLE STILLA indicated person Castile region medieval kingdom Spain. Many early Byzantine names consist of Flavius or Flavia plus one more cognomina. It was the second of three names normally adopted by Roman Citizen. The last of three names person among ancient Romans denoting his house or family. B. In Italy the surname is derived directly from town . Ancient republican cognomina This list of some with their meanings. OVIUS m Ancient Roman Rare PACCIUS RomanPAULINOS Hellenized form of Paulinus see ULLUS RomanPERTINAX History from Latin persistent stubborn. So Gallio Velius Marsallas would either be just or . Here are some popular cognomina collected study of the soldiers Roman legions by Lindley Richard Dean Alexander Antoninus Bassus Candidus Castus Celer Clemens Crescens Crispus Datus Donatus Emeritus Faustus Felix Festus Firmus Fortunatus Fronto Fuscus Germanus Honoratus Ianuarius Ingenuus Iulianus Iustus Longinus Marcellinus Marcellus Marcianus Martialis Maximus Niger Optatus Primus Priscus Proculus Pudens Rogatianus Rogatus Rufinus Rufus Sabinus Saturninus Secundus Severus Silvanus Tertius Urbanus Valens Valentinus Valerianus Verecundus Victor Victorinus Vitalis Examples name historian Tacitus has been recorded Publius Cornelius . Lucius Cornelius Scipio praetor BC younger surviving son of no

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It made all free men in the Roman empire into citizens. Scipio Africanus Publius Cornelius Nasica consul BC son of the previous praetor Lucius Asiaticus descendant no


  • FEMALE NAMESFemales were normally given feminized form of their Father Nomen and sometimes Cognomen. more LUPA f Ancient RomanThe name of Wolf Goddess who has similar lupus meaning LatinLUSCINUS RomanRoman cognomen which was derived from oneeyed itself is ultimately adjective luscus half blind see . BLA EK CzechDerived from given name that was diminutive of EJ ERIO ItalianFrom boaro meaning cowherd ESCH German Low GermanVariant or

  • L. The cognomen is piece of a Roman name that most like given . JULIANUS m Ancient Roman Danish Archaic Dutch Rare Finnish Norwegian Swedish Variant spelling of Iulianus see

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