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Cellegy pharmaceuticals inc - High Low First Quarter . which is entitled Compositions containing two or three inhibitors of different HIV reverse transcriptases. Short Term Investments The Company considers all of its as availablefor sale securities and reports these at their estimated fair market value using information

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For example Cellegy s Fortigel product if ever commercialized in the United States is expected to compete with several products including two currently marketed testosterone sold by Unimed Solvay and Auxilium Pharmaceuticals transdermal patch Watson Buccal tablet from Columbia Laboratories potential generic which may be introduced before after . Manufacturing or quality control problems lack of financial resources qualified personnel could occur with contract manufacturers causing product shipment delays inadequate supply the contractor not be able maintain compliance FDA current good practice requirements necessary continue . Tostrex testosterone gel which is the brand name for Fortigel in Europe was approved December by Medical Products Agency MPA Sweden treatment of male hypogonadism. Subsequent Events In January Cellegy announced the resignation of K | Cellegy Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Relationship Science

Subsequent Purchaser of the Assets shall mean any person who purchases or Purchased being sold by Sellers to Buyer pursuant this Agreement. If the FDA s evaluation of NDA submission or manufacturing facilities not favorable may refuse to approve issue approvable letter outlining deficiencies and often requiring additional testing information. shall be applied against Licensee next invoice for its share of any current and future patent expenses payable under Paragraphs. NL On Appeal National Phase of European application. Licensee may terminate this Agreement immediately on written notice health or safety grounds relation to the Licensed Product ii if Approvals obtained through fault of all Major European Countries within MRP being initiated iii Cellegy should longer economically viable market based reasonable opinion and determined country by basis iv claim any Third Party that Intellectual Property Rights infringe such patent trade protected knowhow other made against which either prevents use Territory for period challenged pursuant Article


Cellegy Pharmaceuticals | CrunchbaseIf applicable law or European Union regulations provide that the foregoing covenant is unenforceable require duration of be shorter than term this Agreement then any time during when such not effective Licensee its Agents directly indirectly promote sell distribute Competing Licensed Products Cellegy may terminate with respect to country where are being promoted sold distributed by delivery written notice . Cellegy s obligation to sell and deliver Licensed Product Licensee shall be subject in respects such laws regulations of the United States America Canada Territory as from time govern respectively sale delivery goods abroad by persons jurisdiction . Your signature below indicates acceptance of this Agreement and its terms conditions we both intend acknowledge that binding contract enforceable accordance with these . Trademarks. These progress reports shall include but not be limited to on research and development status of applications for regulatory approvals manufacturing sublicensing marketing importing sales during preceding calendar year as well plans present . EBMRA will have the right to be consulted any Law Suit brought by against Biosyn

Below shall expire on the Expiration Date specified in Basic Sublease Information. b Prior to the return of Collateral may be used only for following purposes Buyer its sole discretion and any time times after occurrence during continuance Sellers failure perform pay obligations under Section. Power of Attorney See signature page. Right of First Negotiation Regarding Licensee Product North America. REPORTS ON PROGRESS BENCHMARKS SALES AND PAYMENTS. Richard Juelis Vice President Finance and Chief Financial Officer Date March to contentSkip site InLog InToday PaperBusiness COMPANY NEWS CELLEGY SAYS . c Biosyn shall reserve for issuance upon exercise of the Warrant such number shares its Common Stock as at time issuable . Upon the reasonable request by Cellegy Licensee shall give written assurances against such export reexport transshipment. million at December compared with . We are planning to validate domestic contract manufacturer serve as second manufacturing source for product candidates

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The total number of Steering Committee members may changed by from time as appropriate but all cases will comprised equal designated each Cellegy and Licensee no event shall aggregate less than six . Cellegy shall maintain at its sole expense where applicable Marks for the full duration of this Agreement


  • In the event of commencement a bankruptcy proceeding by or against Licensee under Code that is not dismissed within ninety days after filed PHS may its option terminate this Agreement. We have received going concern opinion from our independent auditors which may negatively impact business

  • ARTICLE INFORMATION DATA . In making this determination PHS will take into account the normal course of such commercial development programs conducted with sound and reasonable business practices judgment annual reports submitted by Licensee under Paragraph. Sellers shall take reasonable measures to assure that no unauthorized use disclosure made by others including without limitation its respective employees agents and Affiliates whom access such information granted

  • Compliance with Law Prohibited Activities. In consideration of the payments Michaels will for period from October three years after Closing Date make himself available Buyer time consultation with regard further exploitation CG Technology. SURVIVAL OF REPRESENTATIONS WARRANTIES AND COVENANTS

    • Based on my knowledge this report does not contain any untrue statement of material fact omit to necessary make the statements made light circumstances under which such were misleading with respect period covered by . Biosyn shall mark or cause to be marked Products with the applicable Patent numbers. With a required copy to Weintraub Genshlea Chediak Sproul Capitol Mall floor Sacramento Attention Kevin Kelso Esq

    • In October Cellegy received a mediation notice from PDI. million for our clinical trial programs . REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES OF BWER

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