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PEG is a product of petroleum gas or dehydration an alcohol. aka Caprenin More information coming soon. For most contaminants EPA sets enforceable regulation called maximum levelmaximum levelThe highest of that allows drinking water. Infants who consume mostly mixed formula can receive percent to of their exposure lead from drinking water [...] 215

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See Acesulfame K aka Sweet One or Sunette for more information Aspartame NutraSweet Sucralose Splenda The FDA and CDC Center Disease Control have received complaints from use of this substance than any other food additive. Benzoates in food More information coming soon [...] 1157

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Human health risk assessment for aluminum oxide and hydroxide. NOTE Where an initial test on either steel or aluminium indicates chemical being tested is corrosive followup other metal necessary. Sulfites aka sulfur dioxide potassiumsodium bisulfite metabisulfite More information coming soon. Please leave them in comments below [...] 1262

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Matches until definitive criteria are established. Graviola contains plant compound called acetogenin. The main difference between potassium alum and aluminum chlorohydrate is that much larger molecule not thought to absorbable through human skin. Retrieved from https sites articles archive areyou oryour familyeating toxicfood dyes px Linked Cancer ADHD Allergies [...] 339

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NOTE Flammable aerosols do fall additionally within the scope of gases liquids or solids. But over the past years bread has come long way. Trans fats man made More information coming soon. For a composite aerosol formulation the chemical heat of combustion is summation weighted heats individual components as follows where Hc kJ wi mass fraction product specific shall be found literature calculated determined by tests See ASTM ISO Sections. Acetic anhydride is industrial chemical that irritant and highly flammable [...] 31

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BST bovine somatotropin fresh dairy products excluding dips More information coming soon. Pimaricin aka Natamycin More information coming soon. Classification criteria chemical which is corrosive to metals shall be classified in single category for this using the test Part III subsection [...] 460

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There is strong evidence that formaldehyde donors releasers are human skin toxins and allergens. Read More In back before it became the thing to do we put together dynamic list one that has been growing ever since of most problematic ingredients and explain why won carry them. cm mol Refractive index . Studies in animals have demonstrated that propylene oxide is directacting carcinogen and it reasonably anticipated to be human . Final report on the safety assessment of EDTA calcium disodium diammonium dipotassium TEAEDTA tetrasodium tripotassium trisodium HEDTA and [...] 41

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This stimulation makes MSG flavor enhancer. ORGANIC PEROXIDES B. Food additives and hyperactive behaviour in year old Fyear children the community randomised doubleblinded placebo controlled trial. P PIF ON SKIN Wash with plenty of soap and water [...] 580

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Disodium calcium EDTA More information coming soon. Precautionary statements Avoid breathing dust fume gas mist vapors spray. Human case studies show significant allergenic effects. TREHA aka trehalose or mycose tremalose Brand name Truvia Rebiana More information coming soon [...] 390

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Teratogenic Effects Not available. Benzyl alcohol More information coming soon. Bromates calcium potassium bromide sodium More information coming soon. the substance is known to be stable at room temperature for prolonged periods of time days . iii In animals compounds containing aluminum negatively affect the male reproductive system and maternal exposure causes embryotoxicity affects developing nervous offspring [...]