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Read More Watch Now. but there aren lot of character sililarities report Recommended by awesome tired people not recommending something thats similar. report Recommended by xShinigami Both of them are really similar. Trying to stop the virus Kazuya ends up making special order. Also they work in groups as well alone [...] 1171

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The characters have similar personalities. Which is why a young girl named Lucy wants to join them because they re best at what do and she feels can develop very well into mage. The story and feeling are both better Log Horizon too. Fairy Tail may be newer but the art of Jing holds up pretty well and styles as tone are rather similar [...] 539

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Both protect herNaLu fans rejoice. Enemies becoming friends If you like one ll definitely enjoy the other report Recommended by Orulyon Read recommendations more users Both have to do with mages magic. Kagome resembles Lucy some personality and general progression Inuyasha Natsu by their relationship with partner strength ignorance stupidity Miroku Gray perverted habits Sango Erza similar but has different [...] 815


Fairy Tail brings out more emotions the viewer than Naruto would and music is much better however sound track for both anime are great. report Recommended by KatieMH They both great long term anime with series comedic aspect about them. Both have their serious and comical moments. the story also have some magic and plue is included [...] 122

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Report Recommended by Lucisz Boku no Hero Academia rd Season addpermalink Both are about fighting with unique powers to become stronger although unlike BNHA fairy tail set medieval fantasy time period while takes place far into the future. Sometimes the characters in both shows temporarily get absorbed single trivial objective food riches and on thus generating funny situations from that point. report Recommended by Shinya Kougami Both are long running shounen heavily rely concepts of friendship and nakamas have similar fighting style system. You may think that they won get any screentime but do [...] 841

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Report Recommended by SoloButterfly Radiant anime are about young boy who pretty special. Both are also must sees in the anime world no matter what genre you into be honest if watch probably know Naruto is anyway lol but still Fairy Tail my opinion equally as awesome report Recommended byNikku have similar characters natsu. I would definitely recommend Nanatsu no Taizai Seven Deadly Sins to any Fairy Tail fan or anyone who was disappointed by [...] 256

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Both shows give off a similar goodtimey feel and sure if you like one really enjoy the other report Recommended by swoop they have adventure story magic power bunch funny teammates along with small talking cat . Lost your password Forgot Welcome To Animecrave Sign In Create Free Account Advanced All WATCH TUNE Episodes Series Fansubs Movies OVA Trailers Music MPs Live Action Top Rated Winter Collection Request INFO Reviews Help Desk About Contact Donate Terms of Service Legal Information Privacy Policy IMAGE CENTER PreMade Avatars Wallpapers Signatures Art Gallery SOCIALIZE FORUMS CHAT source Streaming Hand Maid May Saotome Kazuya computer whiz. Hate to say it but yeah their logic seems pretty like will let you guess what mean with that [...] 84

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If you liked Shounen Onmyouji youll probably Fairy Tail report Recommended by Eyzi Dragon Ball GT addpermalink well its action type anime with awesome very funny and unique characters has good storyline art animation. So indeed if you liked One Piece could give a try to Fairy Tail or viceversa [...] 1148

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They feel same adventures are similar both main protagonist gilrs boys smiliar PLU . report Recommended by Shinya Kougami Both are long running shounen heavily rely concepts of friendship and nakamas have similar fighting style system. From the Jiggle butt gang to plue weird cone nosed dog its overly apparent [...] 382

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Both also have general theme of friends teamwork nakama with main teams series Natsu for Fairy Tail Strawhats One Piece always working and fighting eachother. report Recommended by Blouhhh Both shows are ecchi battle shounen with lot of over the top fights and large cast characters. And ya Natsu reminds me Naruto greatly cos they are both quite silly but cute powerful report Recommended by YukiStyu shounen with heroes who bit slow [...] 902

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They are both action and cute comedy shows which can turn into tear jerkers. report Recommended by Yokoai Ouran Koukou Host Club addpermalink The same little bit but there both comedy [...]