Technical copywriting

Are you in the manufacturing industry? Hardware? Software? Finance? Then you need a technical copywriter to help you to break down technical products and services into language that regular people can understand.

Very often, the decision makers are people unrelated to your field. They are end-users, businessmen or perhaps someone in charge of procurement. Information about technical products and services are often sought after by people without technical knowledge but need to be appreciated by them.

That’s why you need a technical copywriter with the ability to process huge amounts of technical information, interpret it and simplify it into layman’s terms.

Normal copywriters are not qualified because they come from arts and communications backgrounds and they’re only good for consumer products and services. However, I have the necessary ability and engineering training to support it.

I also have the experience. I have the written brochures and websites for nearly every technical industry in Malaysia, from finance to manufacturing and from petrochemical to biotechnology.

I can help you reach out to your target market accurately and relevantly. Contact me to get started.