Brochure Copywriting

Your brochures/leaflets are windows into your business and your products and services. They’re the perfect opportunity to impress your potential customers with your expertise and quality. What better way than with polished copy that reflects your professionalism and confidence.

Copy for a typical product brochure or leaflet will cost RM1,200 – RM4,000, depending on the amount of work required. Rush-jobs cost extra. (Any brochure can be easily reformatted as website copy.)

Website Copywriting

The wonderful thing about websites is that when visitors arrive at yours, they’re already looking for you and your products! That’s why you need professional website copy that presents all the information they need to decide that your products are what they want.

Copy for a typical 6-page website costs RM1,600 – RM4,000, depending on the amount of work required. Rush-jobs cost extra.


If you’re an ad agency or design agency looking to gain a new client, I can lend you my expertise in strategising new campaigns, organising pitches and presenting pitches. I have run “360-pitches” for the largest clients against the most experienced agencies… and I consistently win.

My charges for a typical 360-pitch with a one week deadline is RM8,000 and for those with two week deadlines, it is RM10,000.

Advertisement Copywriting

Print advertisements or advertorials, especially those in magazines, play a prominent part in the media mix with their ability to reach niche audiences. You need advertisements that appeal and promote to that special target market to ensure their interests in your product or service are met.

Copy for a typical print advertisement costs RM400 – RM1,600.

Press Releases

Ensure that your press release stands out by having it written in the “inverted pyramid” format. This allows editors to easily adapt your news to their content and dramatically improves the chances of your news being included in the next issue.

Copy for a typical press release costs RM200 – RM600.


As businesses try to take on a more authoritative marketing position, they will often call for “articles” on their websites or social media pages. Unfortunately, I don’t write articles. Articles require massive amounts of time for research. And that’s time I cannot allocate away from my other clients. Please follow this link to someone who might help you.


I’m afraid I do not provide translation services. There are plenty of translators on the Internet who can help you with that.

Bahasa Copywriting

I do not provide Bahasa copywriting services. There are plenty of Malay copywriters on the Internet who can help you with that.

Chinese Copywriting

I do not provide Chinese copywriting services. There are plenty of Chinese copywriters on the Internet who can help you with that.

Newsletters and Coffee Table Books

For newsletters and coffee table books (or any kind of book for that matter), you should seek out an ex-journalist to help you, not a copywriter. A copywriter’s function is to persuade or advocate. Newsletters and coffee table books do not. Follow this link and you might find someone who can help you.

Proposals and Presentations

I’m afraid you will need to do this yourself. If you can’t get over this first hurdle on your own, how will you overcome the challenges of running a business?