How I work

1. Consumer Critique

Every job begins with an interview where I start by asking questions about:

  • what do the consumers want
  • why would they take up your product or service
  • what other products or services are they considering
  • what are your consumer objectives
  • how is your message is distributed
  • what frame of mind the consumers are in before they consume your message

Even if you don’t have those answers, I’ll help you figure them out.

2. Information Architecture

Once some objectives are established (as well as what we’re communicating and how it’s being communicated), we need to determine the scope of work.

This means creating a website sitemap or a list of sections that go into the brochure drawn on it.

In practice, the agreement on the scope of work also determines such details as the timeline, creative delivery date and job quotation.

3. Creative Development

This is where I get down and start to read through the product material you provide or I develop information on my own to flesh out the communication.

From there, the information is carefully organised in the most logical order, with careful weightage given to the key messages while keeping the length of the copy succinct.

4. Quality Review

After thorough copy-editing, I present the copy to you. I will give you a comprehensive break-down of how and why the copy was written. I will also give a list of issues I encountered while developing the copy and how I overcame them.

Your satisfaction is my guarantee.