Copy Clinics

So you’ve got a website or brochure and there’s something wrong with it… but you don’t know what.

I can help.

Once in a while, I will run a “Copy Clinic”. It’s like group therapy for people with bad websites or brochures. I will select a few of you to meet up over lunch and we’ll discuss what’s wrong with your marketing items.

Very often, the problems are usually the common things. Too much jargon, too little focus, too much copy. Within minutes, I will explain exactly what’s wrong with your marketing text.

Copy Clinics are the opportunity for everyone to learn the secrets of how to fix bad copy and how to get good copy… without spending years learning the copywriting craft.

And best of all, Copy Clinics are free. It’s my way of giving back to the community with my knowledge and skill… and advancing everyone’s knowledge of copywriting at the same time.

If you’re keen to find out when my next Copy Clinic will be held, write to me.